FED List (AdBlock Plus Custom Filter List)

FED List or the Firime EasyDownload List is a custom filter list compatible with AdBlock Plus. For now, it’s only tested in FireFox. I don’t know if it will work with other browsers.

Its purpose is to remove unnecessary elements from a specific list of file sharing sites so you can download easily without the confusion of clicking malware buttons or ads. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support pop-up blocking.

In order for it to work, you need to install (ofc) AdBlock Plus. You can download it here.

I suggest that you only enable it if you’re just going to download stuff as a free user. It removes all premium buttons, so enabling it if you’re a premium user is not recommended. It also removes login/register forms, footers/headers and some div elements. Plus, make sure EasyList is enabled.

For those wanting a quick intro:

  • It’s a custom filter list for AdBlock Plus.
  • Removes unnecessary elements from specific file sharing sites.
  • Download files without confusion.
  • Doesn’t support pop-up blocking.
  • Works best with EasyList enabled and if you’re using FireFox.

Supported sites: (it doesn’t affect sites that aren’t on this list)

  • Solidfiles
  • Uptobox
  • Userscloud
  • 1Fichier
  • Hugefiles
  • Bigfile
  • UploadRocket
  • Jheberg
  • Jeodrive
  • Uploaded
  • Turbobit
  • Nitroflare
  • Filecloud
  • ClickNUpload
  • Tusfiles
  • Uppit
  • Uplea
  • Savefile
  • Mediafire


Without AdBlock Plus and FED (a fake download button greets you on your visit)2016-04-18_213721

With AdBlock Plus and FED (directly shows you the right download button)2016-04-18_213812

Without AdBlock Plus and FED (tables, register buttons and stuff you probably don’t need)2016-04-18_214302

With AdBlock Plus and FED (clean and fresh)2016-04-18_214318

Without AdBlock Plus and FED (sh*tload of data slows down page loading)2016-04-18_214025

With AdBlock Plus and FED (only loads the necessary elements)2016-04-18_214045

So, satisfied?

How to install?

You just need AdBlock Plus. Then, you need to copy the list from my Pastebin here.

So, how?

2016-04-18_220840Once you have AdBlock Plus, click on its icon then choose “Filter Preferences” or you can just press “CTRL+Shift+E”

2016-04-18_221332A window will popup and make sure EasyList is checked.

2016-04-18_221857Now, click the “Custom Filters” tab and “Add filter group” then name it “FED” or you can name it to anything you want, then press Enter. Don’t close the window yet.

2016-04-18_222200Now, go to my paste here. Scroll-down until you reach the “RAW Paste Data.” Select the text and press “CTRL+A” then “CTRL+C” to copy it all.

2016-04-18_222809Now, open the window again and paste “CTRL+V” all copied codes to the right empty box. Hit “Close” and you’re done! To disable the filter, just uncheck the box near “FED List.”

If you encounter problems, like, the site updated its contents, please leave a reply below. You can always disable it.


  • V2 (April 19, 2016) – Added support for Mediafire, Savefile.
  • V1 (April 18, 2016) – Initial release.

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